Tim Wilson Msc MCIPR
Tim Wilson has enabled organisations to engage with all levels of policymaking: local government, the Welsh and London Assemblies, UK Government: EU Parliament and Commission: and international level.

Until March 2005 he was Director of Policy at TV and film trade association Pact, which successfully amended legislation to protect producers' intellectual property. He also worked extensively on BBC Charter and Ofcom reviews, and represented the sector at EU level.

Prior to this he was a senior consultant at Westminster Strategy and Political Context, delivering successful  programmes for Microsoft; Eutelsat; Lincolnshire County Council; Roche Pharmaceuticals and a variety of other businesses, NGOs and government bodies.

Tim began his career in 1988 with public pressure campaigns on lead-free petrol, restricting tobacco sales and freedom of information. Subsequent roles included designing and running health promotion campaigns, and information/press work for a leading science policy think-tank.

As an independent consultant Tim has provided effective long-term support for clients including Sanofi Pasteur MSD, PhonepayPlus, BAA plc, and the Asphalt Industry Alliance. Internationally-focussed projects have included dealing with politicians and media in Central Asia, and international reputation management. He has also worked in association with US-based consultancies.

A strong track record with the creative industries has led to work with Directors UK, the Commercial Broadcsters Association (CoBA), Channel 4 TV (including its 4Radio project), Rondo Media, the Radio Independents Group (RIG) and Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru (TAC) which represents the independent TV production sector in Wales. He also supplies communications support to a North London not-for-profit housing association, and conducts training courses on public affairs and media relations on a regular basis.

Tim Wilson is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the professional association for communications consultants.


Devolved Nations
We have direct experience of working with the Welsh Assembly. For issues which require specialist work in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we can call upon the services of established consultants in both those nations.

Graphic Designer
Our designer is highly experienced in designing PR, campaigning and other corporate materials for a wide range of clients from small not-for-profits to large corporations.

Additional Support
With a wide range of contacts in the world of public affairs and communications, we can draw on the services of others where a project requires extra capacity, or where we need to add to the range of skills and experience outlined above.


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