My experience and expertise includes:

UK-level Government, Parliament and Regulators: UK local government; Welsh Senedd and Government; internationally-focussed campaigns; European Commission and Parliament.

I have worked with FTSE 100 companies, NGOs, trade associations and public bodies.

Industries I have engaged with include: media, broadcasting and creative industries; social housing; health; highway maintenance; airports and aviation; telecoms.

If you are an individual or organisation seeking professional, efficient, experienced support on policy and/or media reputation matters, I would like to talk to you.

I use the breadth and depth of experience of myself and my associates to successfully provide:

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Government & Regulatory Relations

Dealing with the government and regulatory process is crucial to affecting decisions which could impact hugely on your company or organisation. But navigating the system remains challenging for those who are not used to engaging with it day-to-day. I can give strategic advice, active programme design and assistance in building reputation and brand awareness, as well as positive results on specific policy issues.


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Media Relations/Marketing

It's important for wider audiences to know about your organisation, its issues and objectives. I can work with you to build knowledge and awareness, ensuring quick routes to media outlets when required. My experience also includes rebranding and other corporate communications projects.


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Design and Drafting of Publications and Communications Tools

There are many tools available to communicate your message. I am experienced in producing well-written and designed strategic plans; annual reports; stakeholder bulletins; and detailed responses to Government, Parliamentary and regulatory consultations. I can also advise on getting the most out of your website for policy audiences.


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I can design and present training on the policymaking system and public affairs, including how to get results on a tight budget, trade association representation and more.

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Experience includes conducting stakeholder interviews and presenting results using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. We can also carry out.extensive desk research to provide a well-rounded and thorough analysis of a policy environment.

Over and above the testimonials on this site, we can provide further examples which demonstrate our track record in each of these service areas upon request.

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I am always happy to discuss any projects, short or long term, on which myself and my associates could help, from strategic direction through to specific project delivery.

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